Finding and Restoring Outages

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Finding and Restoring Outages

If your power goes out, call us at 1-877-428-6004. We often learn about power outages when our customers report them to us, so you can help us find and restore an outage quickly.

The information you receive will be based on the phone number you are calling from. Our customers’ phone numbers are connected to their 911 civic addresses in our records. If you need more information about your 911 civic address, call 1-800-388-3911.

Estimating Restoration Times

When your power is out, we know it’s important to have a sense of when it will come back online. We always provide an estimate of when power will be restored, usually with a time that we consider the worst case scenario. Often we are able to restore power earlier than we predict, but it sometimes takes as long as or even slightly longer than our estimate.

Several factors play a role in our estimated restoration times. We consider things like where  the problem is located and how difficult it will be for our crews to reach? What’s the weather like? Will bad roads delay our crews? Are there multiple outages because of a storm? If so, we’ll need to prioritize our work so that we restore as many customers as possible as quickly as possible.

Restoring Your Home or Business

We work to get your power back on as quickly and safely as possible, and soon after your outage begins you may see crews driving by your property or in and out of your neighborhood without restoring power. That’s not unusual. Crews may be searching for the cause of the outage, or need to work at a nearby location before power can be restored to you and your neighbours.

Sometimes the power may be off only at your home or business. There are a few reasons this could happen, such as fuses or circuit breakers may have switched off, or damage to the lines or equipment serving your home. If you notice damage to the equipment feeding electricity to your home or business, call a qualified electrician to assess it. Your electrician handles work that needs to be done from the meter to inside your house, including your circuit breakers and home wiring. We take care of everything else.


Storms can cause electrical damage to individual properties that require a certified electrician to repair before we can safely restore the power to your home or business. If your meter mast is damaged, you need to get an electrical contractor to make repairs before we can restore power. Often, this damage is to a meter mast. Knowing who owns what will help you when repairs need to be made. The graphic below illustrates which pieces of your service equipment belong to whom.


Lights On, Lights Off

Once power is restored, we make every effort to keep it on. But as we repair other parts of our system, some interruptions may occur. For example, a lengthy storm could cause restored power to go out again. Sometimes we’re able to temporarily restore power to an area by re-routing it through different power lines while we fix the initial problem. Once that work is done, we may need to disconnect power again for a short time to make a permanent fix.

Restoring Multiple Outages

In situations where there are multiple power outages, such as following a hurricane, we restore power in phases to ensure places like hospitals can stay open before we work in other areas.

Phase 1

Restoration of public safety issues and emergency situations

Phase 2

Restoration of NS Power critical infrastructure such as transmission lines and substations

Phase 3

Restoration of Emergency Management Office (EMO) critical infrastructure such as hospitals, shelters, and essential provincial and municipal services

Phase 4

Restoration of main electrical feeders servicing communities and neighbourhoods

Phase 5

Restoration of branch power lines servicing individual streets

Phase 6

Restoration of individual homes and businesses