Critical Customer Communication Program

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Critical Customer Communication Program

Our Critical Customer Communication Program is designed for customers whose health is directly dependent on electricity, such as those requiring oxygen machines or dialysis.

Through this program, we provide

  • Advance notice of planned power outages
  • Contact during unplanned power outages expected to last longer than four hours and information on the cause and the expected time power will be restored
  • Updates if the restoration time changes during the repairs


All you need is a letter from your doctor or registered medical service provider describing the type of home/critical care you currently receive that is dependent on electricity.

Mail or fax your letter to us

Nova Scotia Power
P.O. Box 910, Halifax, NS, B3J 2W5
Attention: Critical Customer Communication Program

Toll Free Fax 1-888-428-6108 (902-428-6108 in metro Halifax)
Attention: Critical Customer Communication Program

To be prepared for power outages, you can also

  • Contact your health care or medical service provider for advice on handling power outages
  • Plan other living arrangements you may require during an outage, or make arrangements for an alternative power supply
  • Plan for alternate or additional oxygen supplies and other medical equipment as necessary

Help us keep your information up to date

If information such as your phone number, service address or medical circumstance has changed, please contact us at 1-800-428-6230 (428-6230 in metro Halifax) or update your account information online.