Canso Transmission Towers set to get new lease on life with protective coating

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Canso Transmission Towers set to get new lease on life with protective coating

June 27, 2017

HALIFAX, NS – Nova Scotia Power and its contractor, Tower Power, are continuing their efforts to extend the life of transmission towers across the province through the application of a specialized protective coating. Over the next three weeks, Tower Power crews will be seen applying the protective coating to Nova Scotia Power’s six transmission towers located along the 1.38 kilometre Canso Causeway.

“The coating being applied to these towers will prevent corrosion of the steel structures, which helps to extend their useful life by approximately 20 years,” said Grant Fraser, Nova Scotia Power Project Manager. “Maintaining these towers is important to the overall reliability of our electrical grid as they form part of the link between Cape Breton and mainland Nova Scotia.”

Tower Power, an energized tower painting contractor based in British Columbia, has successfully coated towers of varying heights around the globe. They’ll put their impressive skills to work as they safely apply the coating to the six Canso towers, which range in height from 65 to 241 feet. Nova Scotia Power will de-energize one side of the tower, then the other, to enable crews to work safely and avoid the requirement to implement customer outages during this work.

Work to extend the life of the Canso towers follows similar efforts undertaken earlier this year, and in 2016, to apply a protective coating on 24 transmission towers located across the Halifax Peninsula.

Nova Scotia Power reminds motorists to stay attentive and keep their eyes on the road during this work, to ensure their own safety and the wellbeing of others travelling in the area.