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Connect Your Power


Are you a new Nova Scotia Power customer?

In addition to completing the form below, please email two pieces of government issued ID to Include in the subject line of the email your name and the address to which you are connecting.

Are you moving into a new home?

To help us schedule your connection in a timely manner, please submit your request 10 or more days in advance of when you'll need the work completed. When your request has been completed, you will receive an email confirmation with your service request number.

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Contact Information
Credit History / Account Information

In order to open a new account for you, Nova Scotia Power requires an acceptable payment history or credit history, or a security deposit.

If you have previously held an account with NS Power in your name, please complete the fields below with the requested information about your past account so that your NS Power payment history can be assessed.

If you are a new customer to Nova Scotia Power and do not have a previous payment history with us, we will need to perform an external credit check or apply a security deposit to complete your request. For this purpose, please provide the following information, including information relating to your last residence in the address fields, and indicate by checking the appropriate box below whether you would like a credit check to be conducted. This information will be used to carry out a credit check (if requested) and then added to your account profile when processing your account opening request.

In the event of poor payment history with Nova Scotia Power or credit check results that do not meet Nova Scotia Power’s credit requirement, a security deposit will be required to process your account opening request. Security deposits may be applied in an amount up to or equal to estimated charges for three months’ service at the property for which you are requesting a power connection.

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Account Access
Do you wish to give consent for another party to have full access to your account to perform business on your behalf?

Electrical Service Information
We can connect or disconnect power between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday - no weekend or holiday calls. If you are connecting service with Nova Scotia Power, there is a $28.00 connection charge which will be applied to your first bill for the new location. There is no charge for service disconnection. Please ensure Nova Scotia Power has access to your meter at these times so that we may perform the required service.
Service (Civic) Address

Billing (Mailing) Address
Emergency Contact Information
Billing Options

Bi-Monthly Billing - You will be billed every two months for the actual energy you have used.

Monthly Fixed Amount Billing - With this plan, you'll receive a bill for a fixed amount every month based on your energy consumption last year. If you're a new customer, or have just moved into your home, we'll estimate your energy usage.

Every 12 months we'll compare the amount of electricity you've used to the amount you have paid. The balance is automatically rolled into the next year's fixed monthly payment amount.

Note: A deposit may be requested from customers with no prior credit history or a poor payment relationship with Nova Scotia Power.

In submitting this form the customer acknowledges and agrees to the following conditions:

The applicant agrees to take and pay for electricity from Nova Scotia Power in accordance with this application and to accept and pay for such services according to the rates, rules and regulations of Nova Scotia Power Inc.


If you are a new customer with Nova Scotia Power, please remember to also email two pieces of government issued ID to, with your name and the address you are connecting to in the subject line.