How to Pay Your Bill

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How to Pay Your Bill

We offer a number of secure and convenient ways to pay your bill. Find the one that’s right for you.









  • Pre-Authorized Payments

    Set up automated payments and have your bills paid directly from your bank account with our pre-authorized payment plan. Set up pre-authorized payments here
  • Direct withdraw using MyAccount

    Create a profile in MyAccount and set up recurring payments from your bank account. Login to MyAccount here

  • Credit Card

    Use VISA or MasterCard to make a quick one-time payment or recurring payments through KUBRA, our third-party payment provider.

    Make a one-time payment here by entering your account number and web access number

    Set up reccurring payments here
    by creating a profile with our payment partner using your email address

    *A 1.75% processing fee is applied. Fees associated with this service are charged by the vendor and not transferred to NS Power.

  • Online banking

    Visit your bank's website and select NS Power as a payee.



  • NS Power Payment Agent

    Visit one of our payment agents located throughout the province. Have your bill payment stub or 8-digit account number with you. Find a payment agent near you.

  • Major banks or credit unions

    Pay in person at your local branch, using telephone banking or an automated banking machine.
  • MoneyGram (Canada Post) locations

    Send money using cash or debit from participating locations. Same day bill service is $9.99. Next-day bill payment service is $3.99

    Find a MoneyGram agent near you or call 1-800-MoneyGram (666-3947).

    *Fees associated with this service are charged by the vendor and not transferred to NS Power.
  • Money Mart

    Money Mart locations throughout Nova Scotia accept bill payments on behalf of NS Power at a cost of $1.99 per payment.

    *Fees associated with this service are charged by the vendor and not transferred to NS Power.



  • Cheque

    To pay by mail, send your cheque to PO Box 848, Halifax, NS B3J 2V7

    Please ensure your NS Power account number is included on the cheque.

Made a late payment?


If you made a late payment, you can avoid a disruption to your electrical service by providing

the details of your payment online. Report a payment through MyAccount


Can’t pay your bill right now?


If you can’t pay your bill before it's due, you may be eligible to request payment arrangements.

With our convenient self-serve options, it’s easy to make this request without ever having to

pick up a phone. Request payment arrangements through MyAccount


Are you on the right billing plan?

Equal Billing Program

Looking for more predictable energy bills? Why not consider the Equal Billing program? Our Equal Billing Plan can help you manage your budget by spreading the cost of your annual electricity use over 12 equal monthly payments. Go to to see if the program is right for you.

Equal Billing Compared to Bi-Monthly Billing

Bi-monthly Equal Billing
Bill frequency Every 2 months Monthly
How power use is billed Your actual power used 1/12 of annual estimated use in equal installments
What you do Nothing – this is the default option Ask for it when your account balance is $0
Reason to choose Changes to your power use are obvious Budgeting is easier with 12 equal payments