Rate 10 vs. Rate 11 Comparison Calculator

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Rate 10 vs. Rate 11 Comparison Calculator

Some small businesses in Nova Scotia now have a choice of electricity rate options.

Effective November 1, 2014, commercial customers using between 32,000 and 45,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity per year can choose between the General (Class 11) and Small General (Class 10) tariff. Previously, all customers using more than 32,000 kWh per year were charged under Class 11.

For some eligible customers, switching from the General to Small General rate class will save them money on their electricity bill. The Small General tariff has a higher energy rate per kilowatt-hour than the General tariff, but no demand charge. So for a business with an uneven electricity use pattern – often referred to as a low “load factor” – there could be savings by moving to the Small General tariff.

Nova Scotia Power is mailing all eligible customers within the 32,000 to 45,000 kWh band to inform them of the choice that is now available to them.

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We’ve created an online tool to assist you in determining whether you wish to take service under Class 10 or 11. Enter your previous year’s electricity usage history into our online calculator below and see how much your past energy usage would cost at current prices under both rate classes. It’s important to note, however, that changes in how much electricity you use – and how much you use at any one time – will vary your actual result.

You can access your past electricity usage data by logging onto My Account. If you don’t already use My Account, it’s free and takes only a few minutes to register.

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Switching from one rate class to the other is easy through our online web form. After switching, customers must take service under the tariff they have selected for a minimum of six months. Eligible customers can switch rate classes twice in a 24-month period. All changes take effect at the end of the customer’s regular billing period.

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