Tree Trimming

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Tree Trimming

In order to maintain reliable service, we sometimes have to trim trees. By focusing on trees that line our streets, we are making sure you are safe and receive reliable power service for your home.

Customer requests

We sometimes receive customer requests to trim trees on and around customer properties. To provide you with the best service possible, we focus on requests for trees that are near dangerous power lines to ensure you are kept safe.

We aim to complete tree trimming requests within 10 business days.

Power lines near your home

NSP2485 - Tree Trimming - Infographic

green A tree that has 3 metres (10 feet) of horizontal clearance to a power line or utility pole is not a threat to the electrical system. This gives the tree enough room to sway with the wind or bend with the weight of snow and ice without threatening an outage. 



yellow  These wires are high voltage and dangerous. It is NS Power’s responsibility to maintain safe clearance around these wires for the health of the electrical system. If you see a tree on or near these wires, please call us at 1-800-428-6230

red Emergency situations require NS Power’s immediate attention. A tree laying on a power line can cause flickering lights in the home or damage to a utility pole and equipment. If you see this kind of situation, please call us immediately at 1-800-428-6230.



These wires require a local contractor to complete the tree work needed around them.

a  A low-voltage service wire brings electricity from the street power pole through to a metal mast on your house, which belongs to you. Trees around service wires could damage your mast and cause a power interruption to your home. Trimming is your responsibility. Qualified contractors are able to work around service wires. Find a local contractor here.

b Communication wires (with black insulation around them) are the lower wires that run along the street and into your house, transmitting phone, cable and Internet signals. These are not electrical wires. Trees around these wires do not threaten the electrical system.

c Support cables provide physical support to utility poles. These are not electrical wires. Trees or bushes around these wires do not threaten the electrical system.