How to Apply

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How to Apply

Applications (Up to 100kW)

If you wish to use a generator 100 kW or less, please review the Application Process Flow Chart.

10kW or less

Attach all of the above in an email and send to

11kW Up to 100kW

  • Fill out the Interconnection Request and Equipment Information Form (Greater than or equal to 11kW up to 100kW), and save it to your computer.
  • Attach scanned copies of:
    • Manufacturer information for the protective equipment (see Section 6);
    • Range of settings, including proposed, for each of protective functions (see Section 6);
    • Single-line diagram (see Section 7);
    • Site plan (see Section 7).
    • Protective device data to control interconnection (see Section 7).
    • Point-of-Contact information for Interconnection, if different than customer (see Section 7).

Attach all of the above in an email and send to

You can also mail completed application forms to:

Nova Scotia Power Inc.,
P.O. Box 910, Halifax NS
B3J 2W5
ATTN: Net Metering Program Lead

Other Important Related Documents For Review:


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