Water Heaters

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Water Heaters

Electric water heaters are an economical and safe heating option.

They can be installed anywhere, produce no fumes or flames and don't require combustible fuels. Plus, the temperatures produced by water heaters are closely controlled.

Buying and installing an electric hot-water heater also costs a lot less than an oil- or propane-fired system. You'll find the 40 gallon size is just right for a typical family of four, while the 60 gallon model is a good choice for the needs of a larger household.


Looking for a new electric water heater? Our low cost financing plan covers purchase and installation costs from an approved dealer (see our list of participating dealers) Contact us today if you're interested.

You can finance up to these amounts on your power bill

40 or 60 gallon
Finance tank only $2,000 maximum

Finance tank and installation
Finance tank, installation and additional wiring

Terms available for 2 and 5 years at 7% financing. Amounts exceeding $2,000 are subject to credit approval.

Annual water heating costs

For the most up to date rates, please refer to Efficiency Nova Scotia's web site at http://www.efficiencyns.ca/.