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We believe in giving back to the places where we live and work. In this section, learn about how we invest in and work with the communities we serve.

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The Current news

Stay informed with NS Power happenings in communities across Nova Scotia.

Community Investment

We give back to the places where we live and work. Learn about our HomeWarming Program and how we invest in the communities we serve. 

Community and stakeholder engagement

We want to be active members of the communities surrounding our power plants. Learn about some of the work we're doing with community representatives to ensure they know what's happening at our plants.


Each year, we provide well over $100,000 in scholarships to Nova Scotia students to help them take the next step toward their bright futures. 


Catch up on the live-streaming adventures of Ospreys Ethel and Oscar, and learn about our Osprey relocation program.

Lower Water St. Office - 1H

Learn about the history of our Lower Water Street office in Halifax.

Community Feed-in Tariff (COMFIT)

The Nova Scotia Community Feed-In Tariff, or COMFIT, helps community-based renewable electricity projects contribute to the province's electrical grid.

Electric Vehicles

Learn about the electric vehicle pilot program that's brought 10 all-electric vehicles to Nova Scotia.

Nesting Birds and Vegetation Management

Our policy concerning nesting birds requires tree crews to look for nest building, chicks and eggs before they start any work.

Reslicensing Our Hydro Facilities

Most of our hydro systems have 10-year approvals and those approvals are coming up for renewal over the next few years. This means we are embarking on a relicensing process for all of our hydroelectric facilities.