Strait of Canso Transmission Crossing

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Strait of Canso Transmission Crossing

Creating a cleaner, more reliable electricity future

We’re building a new transmission line crossing across the Strait of Canso at Auld’s Cove and Troy.

This work is creating a cleaner, more reliable electricity future for Nova Scotians by delivering hydroelectricity from the Maritime Link. The new transmission line will provide greater capacity for this renewable energy.

The new crossing will be 45 metres south of the existing crossing and will separate the two existing sets of lines onto two separate circuits. We’re building six transmission towers to separate the lines – three on each side of the strait – with three lines on each set of towers. The existing crossing will remain in use and its navigation lights will be transferred to the new, taller towers.

This project began in February and is scheduled to wrap up in November. Work will require cranes to erect the towers and boats to string the new lines across the strait. Safety is always our first priority on all of our construction projects. There is a robust safety plan in place and all work will be carried out far from residential areas.



  • Large scale excavation of soils and earthworks began in February and continues
  • Concrete mud mats poured in March to ensure even ground for foundations
  • Drilling for installation of rock anchors underway
  • Reinforcement steel and formwork underway
  • Planning for the installation of six steel towers continues with work scheduled to begin in July
  • Erosion and sediment controls established and ongoing

Thank you for your understanding as we carry out this important work to improve the reliability of service to our customers and to ensure we are on track to meet our provincial requirement that 40% of electricity comes from renewable sources by 2020.

If you have any questions, please contact Emera Utility Services at (902) 227 5212.

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